Onboard new hires paperlessly

AeroHR helps you create an engaging onboarding experience for your new hires.


Welcome new hires to a delightful onboarding experience

You don't have to welcome new employees with boring paperwork on their first day at work. AeroHR helps you create an engaging onboarding process for your new hires by enabling them to submit documents, get acquainted with their team members. and so much more.

Setup onboarding tasks
Setup onboarding tasks
Assign and track step by step onboarding tasks for new hires.
Introduce the team
Help new hires to get to know the team using your very own enterprise social network.

Eliminate paperwork from the onboarding process.

Plan in advance
Plan in advance
Notify your teams in advance and help them prepare for the new employee.

Setup new hires for success

AeroHR simplifies setting up new employee records, including their time offs, OKRs, performance reviews, and much more. Eliminate data re-entry, reduce friction and optimize your onboarding process.

Deliver engaging onboarding experiences

Free up valuable HR time with a full-featured and intuitive employee self-service mobile app. Enable your employees to request leave, download payslips, log service requests, and much more anytime, anywhere.

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