Smart HR document management system

Document management software that helps you easily manage employee documents, requests, and renewals.

Manage employee and company documents securely

With AeroHR managing employee documents and staying on top of document renewals is super-easy. Our powerful in-document searching lets you even perform an in-document search across thousands of documents at once to find information quickly and easily.


Automated Indexing

AeroHR automatically indexes your documents for faster in-document searching across documents. 


Easily set up folders and structures organize to organize documents efficiently.

Flawless Security

Easily set up access rules and control who can view and make changes to documents.

Meet our automated document organizer

Attach documents directly to employees, time offs, or other records and save yourself from sifting through emails. Our intelligent document system automatically organizes your documents into the right folders based on configurable rules.

Stay on top of renewals - anytime, anywhere

Keeping employee documents up-to-date is critical for your organization to ensure compliance. Get notified via push notification and email when documents are up for renewal.

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